About us

Pancotti Surfaces is a dynamic company, that is able to listen the market requests and the change of the Italian taste in the field of fashion home, in order to meet the requirements of the costumers, both the minimal look of the New York lofts and the soft colors of a polyhedric style. The idea was born listening to the latest fashion trends for home and adapting the urban style that had had such a success in all Europe.

It is an urban style that evokes the atmosphere of the American industrial lofts, which are characterized by row materials as brick, metal and concrete, by neutral colors and by a minimal and vintage furnish.

Pancotti has created a real turning point in the world of continuous floor and coatings, creating in 2008 a real ecological alternative to chemical products, normally used for continuous surfaces. Mineral coatings with Microcemento® have been presented in the Italian market for the first time during MADE EXPO 2010.

With the versatile Pancotti’s solutions your home will earn a contemporary and refined aspect.

Thanks to the innovative FAST TO WORK system have reduced by 50% the laying length compared to the resilient materials, in order to give you your house in just 3 days!

If you are a company or an artisan order the right product for your client.

If you are a private or a designer expose us your project, we will be happy to assist you in a turnkey solution.

Deciding for Pancotti Surfaces means choosing qualified, original and reliable trademark products, certified MADE IN ITALY.