To whom are they addressed?

To all those who want to “have a finger in the pie” and want to learn the large world of materials. To all those who are curious about the materials we lay in their houses, who want to learn a new system of coating. Workshops are open both to professionals and amateurs.

What will you learn?

During each workshop will be analyzed a topic that concerns recovery or restoration of architectural surfaces, both in historical and contemporary contexts. The calendar includes traditional and innovative techniques:

  • Calcemoderna floor
  • Microcemento® coating
  • Lime coating
  • Mineral painting
  • Systems for covering old tiles
  • Coloring techniques
  • And much more …

How and where will they take place?

Workshop will last one day depending on the type of technique presented. During the each course there will be both theoretical and practical lessons. They will take place in our local unit in Milano or by retailers.

For more information feel free to contact us.