Microcemento® is the trademark that distinguishes one of the most important Pancotti’s products, as well as a continuous mineral surface created by Pancotti, one of leader company in the field of natural continuous surfaces, in order to give the surface a look similar to concrete.

Set-out in 2008 as the ecological alternative to resins, Microcemento® floors and coatings have been presented in Italy during the MADE EXPO 2010. With this type of coatings, walls and floors look as endless surfaces, obtained with one single material, and become real architectural elements.

The idea was born listening to the latest fashion trends for home and adapting the urban style that had had such a success in all Europe.

It is an urban style that evokes the atmosphere of the American industrial lofts, which are characterized by row materials as brick, metal and concrete.

Microcemento® is perfect for commercial spaces or residential ones, both outside and inside. The laying cycle allows covering old surfaces without destroying anything.


microcemento pancotti