Raffaello born from the desire of designing with incredible elegance “everybody home”. The natural colour explosion took inspiration form the Italian decoration tradition, mixing epochs and suggestions. It has been a fascinating challenge that included the idea of a home rich of harmony.

The pleasure of being captured by scenery made of charming spaces, where the glance moves with delight from a light painted wall to another. A choice that determinate an agreeable, relaxing and natural space, where proportion and feelings merge in the same project.

Walls are decorated with artisanal wisdom and donate an attractive effect, creating a warm atmosphere that follows you in each room of the house. Colours can be pastel for the bedrooms or more modern for the living room. A warm and classic home, but at the same time fashionable and modern, updated with the latest trends. It shows a clear way to live its home. It’s just a matter of atmosphere and personality. A home is the owner’s mirror.

Raffaello is a natural decoration that let breathe your walls. The introduction of regulations concerning energy classes has on the one hand produced better comfort within homes, but on the other hand, reduced wall transpiration due to polystyrene panels has greatly restricted the exchange of air and CO2 by making humid and therefore unhealthy environments. Under these conditions everything inside our home will be more damp; which means that molds and bad smells will take over. However, be careful not to remove molds if not previously treated, avoid spreading spores that would colonize areas that are not yet contaminated. Finally remember that using inappropriate paint will make the operation useless as it is harmful.

Choosing Raffaello means taking care of the house from ourselves.