Why choosing Pancotti?

Since 10 years we receive many questions about our products and we have given many answers and explanations. That is why we wanted to share with you the most common ones, trying to clarify the large world of continuous surfaces.

Which is the difference between resins and mineral surfaces?

Our products are composed of a mixture of over 20 minerals, selected and combined according to our personal formulas; they do not have chemical origins such as resins. Unlike resins, our floors and coatings do not fear neither the sun nor the frost, they can be laid indoor and outdoor. The mineral-based colors guarantee a long life, not as is the case of the resins.

Which materials can I coat?

Our products Microcemento® and Ecomateria® can be applied to almost all existing surfaces: ceramics, plaster, concrete, plasterboard, marble, etc. We studied a high performance cycle, which allows you to transform rooms in a few days, without producing building rubble.

Can I have a floor without joints?

Of course. Our floors with Microcemento® and Ecomateria®  allow us to transform any type of room, from small bathrooms to large showrooms of several hundred square meters. Expansion joints are not necessary even for large floor, unless there are pre-existing ones.

Can I coat the shower?

Yes. Thanks to a high performance cycle, all of our products can be used to coat the entire bathroom: included the shower. Our products do not fear moisture and heat.

How much does it cost?

Since it is craft work each building site must be planned individually. The price varies according to different factors: size of the surface, product type, substratum type, etc.. Normally it can cost s a good quality parquet floor. Costs can be halved for walls coating.

How do I clean this kind of floors?

Since the floors are made of natural materials you have to use the same care that you put towards floors such as parquet, i.e. using products with neutral pH.

If you have further question please contact us.