Contemporary Venetian flooring

The ancient charm of the Venetian terrace in just one centimeter.

We have reconsidered the traditional “cocciopesto floor”, also called “Venetian terrazzo”. The study of a specific mixtures and a granulates selection, has allowed us to obtain a 1 cm thicknesses floor but with the hardness and the appearance of the classic “venetian terrazzo”. This type of floor can be laid indoor and does not require expansion joints.

Traditional Venetian floor or Calcemoderna?

Pancotti offers a Venetian floor revisited and improved from a technical point of view. Calcemoderna unlike the traditional Venetian terrace, allows to create a floor without joints with only 1 cm of thickness, and is therefore ideal also in case of renovations, because it avoids the demolition of the existing flooring. This was not possible with traditional Venetian sowing, as it required thicknesses considerably greater than one centimeter in height. In fact, to create a traditional Venetian floor it was necessary to demolish the old floor to make room for the new surface.

Our applicators are able to reproduce the ancient charm of the Venetian battuto, with reduced times, and therefore also reducing construction costs. You get an elegant and timeless floor, thanks to a run to perfection.

Calcemoderna advantages

With Calcemoderna, the traditional Venetian floor becomes a current and innovative decorative coating. Thanks to a meticulous study of the mixture, it was possible to obtain a product with high technical performance and refined aesthetics. Here are the 5 main advantages to choose Calcemoderna.

  • low thickness and no demolition
  • modern floor without joints
  • suitable for indoor floors
  • advantageous cost compared to traditional systems
  • customizable aesthetics

Precious materials for a timeless effect.

Calcemoderna combines granulates and natural oxides, resulting a customizable and unique floor. Its uniqueness is also determined by its completely handicraft workmanship.