We offer a wide range of solutions to transform e renovate your spaces with a careful combination of materials, avoiding expensive demolitions. With our products your dreamed home will be real in few days, suiting contemporary tastes and giving life to a space both minimal and vintage.

The product with the trademark Pancotti are made of hydraulic compound, mix of 20 different minerals, which are selected and combined according to the final effect you want to obtain.

Lengths of laying are halved compared to normal resin floors, without compromising the product quality which is largely higher for naturalness and resistance.

Each product with trademark Pancotti has Italian origins, a guaranty of quality and control on materials!

We are able to create personalized products in order to respond to your specific requirements.


Coatings with the trademark Microcemento® have been studied to give the surface a look similar to concrete.

microcemento pancotti superfici


Floors and walls for those who want to create a continuum in all spaces with a silk effect.

pancotti pavimenti ecomateria


Tradition meets technology for create a floor rich of history.

Pancotti Superfici Calcemoderna Cocciopesto


Raffaello is the natural decorative able to make breath your walls.

rivestimenti interni pancotti 6