Why choose Pancotti?

There is a fixed idea that remains at the Pancotti: aiming at the quality of life of people. The one of Pancotti is the first Italian company that has promoted the continuous mineral flooring with a very low thickness. Thanks to the twenty years experience gained in the continuous flooring industry, Pancotti is now a reference point for the Italian market. The company manages to propose the right solution for every space: from small environments to the most prestigious villas. The research and development of new systems, 100% Made in Italy, is based on using modern technologies and the search for ever more sophisticated and high-performance materials.

Are Pancotti products suitable for covering existing floors?

Pancotti offers many solutions suitable for the renovation of existing interior or exterior surfaces. We have different preparation products to offer the solution that suits every need. For more information or to get more details about your project, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable for your needs.

What is Microcemento®?

Microcemento® is the trademark to distinguish Pancotti’s flagship product. With it, it was intended to recreate the effect of industrial concrete through the shades of grey, in the CEMENT and LIGHT CEMENT version. Its formulation takes place through the refining of 20 different mineral parts and additives suitable to improve its performance. The peculiarity is that with only one product you can cover any type of surface, tiles, glass mosaics, wood, plaster, plasterboard and much more. It can even be used outdoors for terraces, sidewalks, pool edges, garage and stairs.

What’s the difference between Microtopping and Microcemento®?

Microcemento®  is an exclusive trademark of Pancotti, any improper use constitutes an abuse. The main difference is that Microtopping and Microcemento® are two different products made by different companies and therefore have a different aesthetics and quality. For more informations visit www.microcemento.it

What is Ecomateria®?

Ecomateria® is the trademark to distinguish one of our products for covering walls and floors. Ecomateria® is a mineral mortar that allows to give a smooth and soft appearance to the surfaces. The study of the mixture has allowed us to obtain a fast-laid product but with high aesthetic performance. A wide colour range is available.

Are Microcemento® and Ecomateria® floors resistant to foot traffic, impacts and transit of cars and heavy vehicles?

Yes. Floors are resistant to foot traffic and vehicular transit. Colours since are part of the surface itself, are not subject to fading, puncture, cracking. They are suitable for daily use.

How long does is take to complete an Ecomateria® floor?

Depending on the season and complexity of the construction site; a team of experienced applicators is able to lay a floor of approximately 200 m² in about 4-5 days. The floor will be pedestrianized after a few days of completion, while heavy loads will have to wait for normal cement ripening times.

What thickness should the Ecomateria® floor be?

An Ecomateria® floor has a 2 mm maximum thickness.

Is it possible to cover an existing floor with Microcemento® and Ecomateria®?

Generally, both Microcemento® and Ecomateria® floors can also be laid on a pre-existing base. In these cases it will be important to evaluate the quality and type of base on which the new floor will be laid. However, it will be up to the certified applicators to advise and assist you when choosing the floor that best suits your needs.

How are floors coloured?

The colour is conferred by powdered minerals mixed directly in our laboratory. With this technique we can guarantee natural effects and colour retains over time. It is not a paint or a resin laid on the floor.

I would like a uniform effect without dark/light games, is it possible?

You cannot get a completely uniform effect with Microcemento® floors. This finish has been designed to give concrete-like effects to surfaces. Available in two versions: cement and light cement. For a uniform effect refer to Unicum®.

Is it necessary to make joints in Microcemento® and Ecomateria® floors?

No, they don’t need joints even for large dimension floors. Microcemento® and Ecomateria® are free from hygrometric retraction. Of course, existing joints on the floor will have to be reported.

I would like to renew the bath, what product should I use?

Assuming that each construction site must be analyzed individually, either Microcemento® or Ecomateria® are recommend to renovate the bathroom. Both products are versatile and suitable for wet areas; thanks to a high performance protective they can be used to coat the showers.

How do I clean Pancotti floors?

Cleaning Pancotti’s floors is very simple. The Pancotti’s continuous coatings are made from natural materials for this reason they require special care, very similar to treatments for parquet. It is highly recommended to use cleaning products offered by the company in order to prolong its beauty. Pancotti provides a practical cleaning kit. More about cleaning here.

If oil, coffee or other liquids fall, does the floor stain?

Pancotti Hydroprotection or Protech system responds perfectly to the needs of the customer. As a matter of fact, even if surface treatment effectively protects the floor from rapid penetration of accidental falls, it is good to remember that all liquid substances, especially those used in domestic environments such as wine, oils, vinegar, coffee, must be quickly removed from all surfaces before they can penetrate deeply.

It is also possible to realize stairs and vertical surfaces?

Sure. It is possible to realize stairs or even vertical surfaces. These are projects that require special processing, it is important to assess a certified applicator the most suitable technical solution to achieve the end result you request.

Is it possible to have a Microcemento® or Ecomateria® floor even outdoor?

Yes. In the case of outdoor applications it will be important to evaluate together with the applicator the floor finish that should be non-slip and the most suitable protective treatment.

Microcemento® or Ecomateria® are recommended for both large and small surfaces?

The application flexibility of these flooring systems allows you to install them both in small and large areas. Normally less than 30 sqm the price is assessed as a flat rate.

Does the colour of Microcemento® or Ecomateria® floors change if exposed to sun?

The colours remain unchanged over time because integral to the floor. Since they have mineral origins they do not undergo chromatic variations, they do not turn yellow like resins. Pancotti floors have been laid for over 10 years in areas characterized by very warm climates and they maintained their aesthetic characteristics.

Can I lay Pancotti floors near sea water or in mountain resort?

In areas characterized by cold climates, subject to freezing/thawing cycles or in contact with seawater, it is possible to apply the PROTECH system to the floor, which makes it water repellent and therefore more resistant to external agents.

Can I use Pancotti surfaces in environments subject to environmental constraints (architectural constraints)?

In such projects, Pancotti has been chosen several times for its ability to adapt solutions to the context. In addition to aesthetic quality, we guarantee high resistances that make these works lasting over time.

Are Pancotti floors vehicle accessible in just 2 mm?

Pancotti floors even if they measure only 2 mm in thickness cooperate with the underlying support, becoming a unique mass. It is therefore the sum of the two part to define their compressive strength and hence the carriage ability.

What colours are available?

There are over 100 colours available depending on the finish you choose. Our colours are the result of a careful selection of the most resistant minerals and finest shades. However, it is always advisable to consult us to advise on the most appropriate combination for your project. View the entire colour range.

What is Calcemoderna®?

Calcemoderna® reminds the traditional “cocciopesto floor” or “Venetian terrazzo”. The study of a specific mixtures and a granulates selection, has allowed us to obtain a 1 cm thicknesses floor but with the hardness and the appearance of the classic “Venetian terrazzo”. This type of floor can be laid indoor not require expansion joints. Calcemoderna® combines granulates and natural oxides, resulting a customizable and unique floor. Its uniqueness is also determined by its completely handicraft workmanship.

What colours are available for a Calcemoderna® floor?

The Calcemoderna® colour collection is inspired by the highest Italian tradition of conceiving a product tied to a great past (TRADITION LINE) and another getting carried the influences of our day (MODERN LINE). Mixtures of Calcemoderna® born by precious crafted work of selection of fine Italian materials. It is possible to obtain custom blends carefully studied for each kind of situation.

Who do I have to address to have a Pancotti solution?

By accessing the contact form from www.pancotti.info (or www.microcemento.it) you can send a request and you will be contacted within a few days. It is very important to rely on a specialist installer to get a quality result. Pancotti periodically organizes personalized courses for installers in order to create specialized staff.

Can I buy the material directly and apply it without addressing an installer?

Our products are for professional use only. In order to ensure high quality standards, Pancotti suggests to buy its products only through qualified staff. Laying techniques require some fundamental knowledge.

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