Give continuity to your ideas with the aesthetics of concrete.

Microcemento® is the brand used to distinguish one of the leading products of PANCOTTI, a type of continuous mineral surface created with the intention of giving surfaces, whether they are internal or external, vertical or horizontal, an appearance similar to concrete.

Developed in 2008 as an eco-sustainable alternative to resins, the national launch of the mineral coatings Microcemento® dates back to the participation at MADE EXPO 2010.

The idea was also born in listening to the latest trends in home design and the influence of urban style that has had so much success also in Europe. We are talking about a metropolitan style that recalls the atmospheres of American lofts, characterized by visible elements, such as iron and bricks, and by the remarkable presence of concrete.

Renew your surfaces in 2 mm.

Microcemento® surface is ideal for those who want to renovate floors, walls and any other type of existing surface, giving an exclusive touch to the environment. It is suitable for commercial spaces or private residences. The working cycle allows to coat even old floors without having to demolish the existing ones. Practical, innovative and fast: you can transform any surface without ever having a flat effect as each application is unique and handmade by our professionals.

Microcemento® finish is a particular mixture of cementitious elements and liquid polymers, which once mixed take on the consistency of a soft mortar. The mortar must be carefully mixed manually or by electric drill by specialized applicators before each laying. The maximum thickness it can reach is 2 mm and it has a remarkable adhesion, thanks to which it allows it to cover any type of surface. It is an ideal product for environments with high daily traffic or for any other situation thanks to its high resistance to impact, abrasion and compression. Its elasticity allows it to resist almost all stresses.

With these coatings, the wall or floor appears as infinite continuous surfaces, made of a single material, becoming real architectural elements.

Choose the original: Microcemento®

Choose PANCOTTI means focusing on the quality, experience, originality and reliability of registered trademark products. This means being able to count on a company that over the years has dedicated energy and studies to offer its customers an increasingly performing product.

The Made in Italy guarantee represents another strength of the company. There is a scrupulous care and research of raw materials as well as a meticulous selection of pigments.


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