Try our products firsthand during the workshop.

Not only courses on Microcemento®!

Who are they for? To all those who want to “get their hands on the dough” and get to know the vast world of decorative materials firsthand; to all those who are driven by the simple curiosity to know how the products we put in their homes are made; to all those who wish to learn.

Appointments open to both professionals and simple enthusiasts.

What do you learn?

During each workshop, a theme will be studied that concerns the recovery or restoration of architectural surfaces, both in historical and contemporary contexts. The courses are held all year round on the following topics:

  • terrazzo floor
  • Microcemento® floor
  • lime coatings
  • mineral painting
  • how to coat old tile
  • ways of using oxides colors
  • and much more

How and where do the workshop take place?

The workshop take place within one day and they include both a theoretical and a practical part. They take place in the local unit of Milan or at reseller offices.

For more information feel free to contact us.