Architects choose Ecomateria® continuous surfaces, thanks to their beauty but mostly because of their technical characteristics, which allow to obtain elegant and refined continuous coatings.

This kind of surfaces is made out by a careful selection and combination of materials. Unlike the resins it doesn’t have a chemical origin and technically it resists to sun and frost, therefore this kind of surfaces can be laid both inside and outside, as a floor or a wall.

Ecomateria® is a mineral mortar that gives a smooth and soft aspect to the surfaces. The study of the right mixture of minerals has allowed us to obtain a product fast to install: we are able to renovate the surfaces in just 3 days.

Ecomateria® products can be installed on new or existing floors, on any type of substrate, without necessarily removing it, both outside and inside. It is possible to coat ceramic and terracotta tilesconcretemarble, etc..

Ecomateria® is available in two version. Discover the collection ECOMATERIA®  and ECOMATERIA® PLUS