Natural finish for walls.

Champagne, at the base there is cork, a plant material with intrinsic and precious sound-absorbing and insulating characteristics. From the raw material we have obtained a creamy mortar to be applied by spatula on the walls, following the geometries of the project. Champagne looks like a continuous, material surface with natural cork tones.

Innovative material.

Unique of its kind, Champagne responds to the needs of those who want to bring a piece of nature into their home or commercial space. The walls covered with Champagne become real protagonists. The almost three-dimensional surface brings to mind the raw material it is made of: cork. The Champagne finish has been designed for environments such as houses, wine cellars, showrooms, …

Where can Champagne be applied?

Champagne is suitable for internal or external walls, since it does not undergo changes in the exposure of UV rays. Thanks to its workability, it allows to easily coat any type of support. Its physical characteristics make it suitable for humid environments.

Champagne is available in the following colors: